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When I was a child a weekend staple was endless hours of tv (until adults woke up) and lots and lots of bowls of sugary goodness. Then I grew up and exchanged those delights in a box for a “healthier selection”. You know, the granolas, the wheats, the all-brans, etc. Little did I know about reading labels and figuring out that that amount of sugar would never be a healthy breakfast or midnight snack.

There is a part of me that is saddened by the fact that my children will never know the delight that is emptying a box, delving into colorful milk while reading the box in front of you… maybe finding a treasure hidden inside, maybe playing the word game displayed on the outside.

There is another part of me that just needs the ‘feel good’ that a bowl of cereal gives you. There is something comforting in pouring a bowl of cereal. But, alas, too much knowledge has forever destroyed my ability to buy that sugary goodness and enjoy it fully. Hence, This recipe!

What if you could have the crunch, the sweetness, the spoonful after spoonful, the milk dripping down, and nutrition to add!

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The amount I made is kind of ridiculous but I like to make large quantities so that I can forget about breakfast for a while!

The cereals I used are whole grains: good carbs! They also have an insane amount of protein (Amaranth used to be called the food of the gods!) as well as iron and other minerals.

Maple syrup is low in the glycemic index, so it won’t send your body into an unnecessary morning rush.

Sesame seeds have lots and lots and lots of calcium.

You can use any puffed cereal, you can add shredded coconut, you can mix and match and be creative! and Always share!!!


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