Chickpea Rainbow

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So this week I have been extremely uninspired to cook dinner, or rather, overly inspired… Instead of looking up recipes or going to my always go-tos, I have been experimenting!

On Monday I made this green squash-mango sautéed topping for a buckwheat pasta and although I had a backup dinner in mind, I didn’t need it!

Today was similar.

And it was delicious all around! So here it goes

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To serve:

Place the sweet potato concoction in a wide bowl, cover it with the chickpeas and make sure the sauce befriends your legumes.

Place the sprouts on top and the sauce on top of that. Feel free to add goji berries or any other kind of topping for fun and colour. Because we all love for our meals to look amazing!

Enjoy! And share! And experiment!