Who am I?

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I am me. I have been trying to be the most me for the past 40 years of my life. Every time I feel I have learnt and evolved, something else happens in life which is another big life lesson.

As a teen and in my early twenties I defined my personality more as a reaction to what I didn’t want than to what I did want. My late twenties and my thirties have been a more truthful journey.
I was born in Mexico and lived there most of my life. Yes, Spanish is my native tongue. I have lived in other places too like Sao Paulo, Berlin, NY & Jerusalem. I love traveling and miss it very much.
I currently live in Canada and have slowly learnt how to do winter properly.

I met my husband 8 years ago. Ten days later we were engaged. He is my unicorn.
I am the mamá of three fierce (two of whom are neurodivergent) dragons. I thought I would love being pregnant and I absolutely hated it.

I love helping and I am a great connector of people. I show my caring with food, I will always be feeding anyone that will let me feed them. When I was 23 I didn’t even know how to cook an egg. Now I invent recipes.
My favorite food is an artichoke. I used to have an artichoke guy in Mexico City many lifetimes ago.
I used to work in radio and in television. If you catch me off-guard I’ll tell you how you can find tv clips of me on youtube. I still miss doing radio.

My collection of Erotic Literature is large, vast and naughty.
I once had a headache that lasted over 8 months.
I dream of having a B&B farm in which I can plant gazillion things and feed strangers with my inventions.
I speak many languages and hope to speak many more.
I wish I could sing. I do sing in the shower. And sometimes in the car.
I’ve run a half marathon, pole danced, earned my yellow belt (twice!) in Krav Maga and then stopped training when I got punched in the face too many times. I still have my gloves. I want to do rock climbing. Working out helps me stay sane. I swing dance amateurly.
I am an avid knitter but haven’t managed to do a big project like a sweater in years. I do love finding complex stitches and taking days of weeks until I learn them.
I love engaging in new things and learning skills I didn’t think I had.

I bought my mom her first ever s*x toy.
I have two published books in Spanish. I have a few more books in the drawer waiting to get published.
Yes, I have tons of glasses, I’ve been wearing glasses since I was four.
Books are my happy place.
I love the Beatles. And Elvis. And Janis Joplin.
I dream of a world where there is no sexual violence, no racial inequity and where people are just kind to each other.

I often wonder what the world would be like if instead of colonizing, the people who traveled wanted to learn from other cultures, and respect them.
My favorite plant in the world is the Jacaranda tree. You don’t know it? Go look it up, you will fall in love too.

I have two tattoos.

I’ve worked my ass off to recover my core after being pregnant and/or breastfeeding for over 5 years straight. I use my workouts for my mental health. My shoulders are pretty sexy.

I have had the hardest years of my life since 2020. I am always seeking healing practices and I have recently started to do cold dipping in Lake Ontario. I hate and love it. I hate the cold and even use the seat warmer in the summer. But the cold dipping experience. wow.

I am trying to figure myself out after these past few years. I sustain. I breathe.