What people are saying about working with Kelly:

At 45 years old I found myself a single mother… with a lover. I felt so grateful that I was in this boat – having spent some time single and wondering whether I might be alone forever – I was suddenly in a relationship with a very attentive man and I wanted to capitalize on that! I wanted to have not only good sex, but great sex. I wanted the sex life I had dreamed of but never quite achieved – free, open, exciting, sensual, curious, intimate sex. I wasn’t sure exactly what had been holding me back so I wanted to work with Kelly to dig in and explore. It was perfect – Kelly helped me unlock the door I had been (shyly) knocking on. Being able to have open, non-judgemental conversations about sex, desires, hang-ups, stressors etc. was exactly what I needed. Her no-bullshit feminist approach to intimacy was easy to follow, exciting to learn, and so much fun to explore. Although I would still consider myself shy in the bedroom, I am coming out of my shell and getting more of what I want all the time. Working with Kelly is a journey worth taking that I would recommend to any woman


I sought out Kelly for one specific reason and a few hours later it became something else entirely. Kelly was very versatile by understanding and guiding me during this time which was very unexpected, painful and quick. She was my compass for the decisions I wasn’t certain of and she has so many resources on hand that after each session she was able to provide me with websites, specialists, books and tips. I can say that after each session I was able to move and act, obtaining great results. Thank you so much Kelly, I will always recommend you. Big Hugs.

Karelin R. – Mexico City

I met Kelly while studying at IIN and found her profile so interesting that as soon as I had a chance to work with her, I did it! She was a strong support during my last 6 months of pregnancy. We ended up working on areas I didn’t even thought I had to work on! The difference she helped me to make has impacted in such a meaningful way.

She is a space of trust and accountability. Her listening is powerful and goes beyond what you actually think you are saying. Working with Kelly has been quite insightful and encouraging!
I strongly recommend her! 

Carola B. – Mexico City

A few months ago and 5 weeks postpartum with my second child, I was lucky enough to win 6 months of coaching sessions with Kelly through a parent Facebook group. I always comment on contests in hopes of winning a photo session or something tangible and as my luck would play out, I never do. When my name was drawn for these sessions I had a ton of anxiety. I’m reserved, socially awkward and I don’t like to let strangers into my world. How could I possibly benefit from something like this? Why did I bother to put my name in the mix? Ok, so best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. She is wonderful. It was like I was talking with my best friend every time we met, except she was actually super resourceful and compassionate and made me see every situation in a different light (and I’m super self-reflective).

The greatest of friends will let you vent and Kelly did, but she also saw me as me without judgment and I didn’t have to tip toe around issues and feelings. She is an incredible coach, mentor and human being. If you are looking for someone to talk to about this crazy journey of motherhood, your career, relationships and intimacy (so awkward for me but so important), health, nutrition and everything in between, I can’t say enough good things. She’s also a mother (of two under two) and struggles with the same issues we all do all while being totally sleep deprived so she totally gets it. Do something great for yourself. I highly recommend Kelly!

Hayley R. – Toronto

I just wanted to say that making the decision to work with you was one of the best things I could have done. You’re right, I do have the tools to achieve the goals I set out for myself, and I’m hoping that I’ll get there sometime soon. It’s work, but it’s possible.

Thank you so much for all the work that you’ve done with me. There were so many things that we touched on, that I didn’t even know that I needed to address. How the things that have happened in my life, and how my relationships (current and past) have affected how I approach situations was really eye opening. I am committed to working on all of the things we talked about, and doing the work I need to do to live my best life possible. 

Shelley C. – Toronto

When it comes to doing research, I definitely trust Kelly to find the best options out there, whether it be the best stroller, the best new sunscreens or the latest wellness news. This translates well into being able to share her knowledge and give sex, nutrition & health advice to friends, family and clients alike. The topics themselves are ones she has been interested in for years. I would definitely recommend her in this area.

Alison C. – New York

There have been some intense and stressful moments in my life, it’s not always easy, but for me, having the support and advice from someone experienced and knowledgeable is essential. That person to me, is Kelly.

She has a lot of experience and knowledge, but most importantly, she wants to help. She cares, she enjoys helping other people because she believes she has information that has helped her, and she wants to share that information to help others.

When I was planning my wedding, she was constantly a step ahead of me, buying the brides magazines and notebook planning, giving me valuable contacts for vendors for my wedding, and getting me the best deals because she has friends in every business, all over. She was essential for my wedding planning.

Once I got pregnant, she was as well, essential. She knew the answer to all my questions, she advised me in every single thing, she gave me confidence, and she helped me go through the best and hardest moments of my life.

I am blessed to have her in my life, and I am blessed to have her as a main source of advice. Because I know she cares, for me, and for anyone else who wants her help.

Shlomit G – Paris / Dallas

My journey with Kelly started this time last year. The best way to describe my life at thar time is tumultuous; there was so much turmoil and unrest inside me. I was in a long term marriage, a stay at home mom to two young kids, a wife to a husband who was at the office at night, a very different person than I was before motherhood and marriage; very lonely, overwhelmed, lacking desire, asleep, broken, trapped.

I first learned about Kelly from an article she wrote about parenting and sex. Her humour, uninhibited openness, exposed vulnerabilities, made me feel like she’d be someone I could open up to without fear of judgement or shame. At my bi-weekly meetings with Kelly, I felt comfortable enough to reveal everything from my lack of orgasms to problems in my marriage, my relationships with others, and with myself. Kelly guided me through a journey of introspection and experimentation, inhibition to complete disinhibition, rigidity to self awareness and acceptance. It led me to make profound changes in my life that I had been closed off too. Thanks to Kelly, I am at a different place today than I was before I worked with her. I feel relieved, whole, relaxed, desired, loved, happy.


My birth was traumatic. 40 hours of labour (induction after 25), forceps, vacuum, the largest episiotomy imaginable, and my baby resuscitated. I felt like I had been massacred. Having sex six weeks after my birth sounded like a complete joke. Five months later, I wondered if I would ever be able to be intimate again.

Around that time, I attended a session run by Kelly entitled “Sex After Kids”. The session helped me understand that I was not alone and that there was no reason for me to attempt to heal on my own. I was skeptical at first; however, I cannot be more grateful that I decided to work with her.

Kelly is brilliant at what she does. She is compassionate, but gives tough love when required. She helped me get to the root of my struggle almost immediately and continued to push me throughout the time that we worked together to help me heal. Eleven months after my daughter was born, I was finally able (both physically and mentally) to have intercourse again. I honestly do not know if I would have gotten there if it were not for Kelly’s assistance.

My daughter is healthy and beautiful and I am so thankful for that, but Kelly helped me understand that the baby is only part of the equation. The trauma to a mother is real and should not be ignored. I am now contemplating having a second baby and, were it not for the knowledge that Kelly will be there if and when I need her again, I am not sure I would have the strength to even consider it. Thank you, Kelly!

Dalia B. - Toronto

What people are saying about the workshops:

“Thank you for your workshop this week on “Reclaiming your sexuality ” I loved it! You challenged me to rethink my constructs about sexuality, you kept it fun and engaging…. and left me with food for thought.”

Amelia R.

“Kelly is fantastic! She makes a safe and creative space for everyone to explore ideas. Don’t hesitate to join her workshops as she will make you feel comfortable right away!”

Mich M.

“Kelly’s workshop was fun, engaging! Very comfortable and I learnt about sexuality for myself. I learnt that taking back my sexuality isn’t about including my partner, but with myself.”

Jenn P.

“In her workshop I learnt how much of an impact thinking of yourself/ acting on those positive thoughts can improve many aspects of our lives.”

María L.

“Kelly is a very dynamic presenter and very passionate about what she does. She is very inspiring.  It was a good reminder that working to evolve my sex life doesn’t have to be a big deal or daunting.  I can start small and keep it fun.”

Elizabeta Y.

It was refreshing to discuss intimate topics so openly. Don’t confuse self-pleasure with pleasure with another person!”

Chantal G.

“I grew up in a house where the messaging about sex was very negative, taboos and not to be talked about. I struggle with knowing/ asking for what I want and Kelly opened my mind to new things. I never thought about how humans are able to use the mind to transform sexuality”

Pam K.

“I just attended a “Sex after kids” workshop with Kelly and it was a great experience! Kelly procured a warm and inviting space, she greeted her participants with warm tea and facilitated the workshop in a compassionate, caring and knowledgeable manner. She was truly wonderful at helping everyone to feel safe and heard and at teasing out what exactly was going on… I left with a new appreciation for the role of sexuality in maintaining my sense of self as a mother, the urge to do more soul searching AND most importantly the hope that great sex after kids is, in fact, doable. Thank You so much Kelly!”

Ali V.