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Welcome to Awoken Beauty’s online workshops. These workshops were done live at some point and have been prerecorded.

When you buy a workshop you get a 6 month access to the video as well as a lifetime access to the PDF attached to the workshop.

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Sex after kids

Sexual Fantasies

We all have them, or we wish we had thoughts and desires, fantasies and what not. Are sexual fantasies useful? What do you do with them? How can you use them to your advantage in the present moment? Should you share them? Should you make them come true?

In this video we will talk about the use of fantasy, how to work it in our benefit, how to use it, in real life, and the advantages of fantasy in our bedroom.

Sexual Fantasies

Sex After Kids

Sex, it used to be a thing, right? Before kids? Should it still be a thing? Absolutely! In this video you will find different actionable things you can take to ensure that the intimacy with yourself, as well as with your partner, can come alive. Having kids does not mean your sex life is over. It just needs a little tweaking.

Bonus: This video contains Awoken Beauty’s copyrighted “Wake up your Libido Formula”.