About Kelly

Erotic Expert and Holistic Health and Sex Coach Kelly Swartz has been working in the areas of sexuality and expression for more than a decade. A published author and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutritionprogram in Holistic Health Coaching, she holds a Masters degree and is a PhD Candidate (ABD) in Erotic Literature. She is a frequent guest at conferences and has appeared on television, radio, videos, podcasts and other media on topics ranging from self-intimacy and self-seduction to erotic literature and pornography. Kelly is originally from Mexico City and lives in Toronto, where she gives regular workshops and is available for coaching to clients around the world.


Coaching, workshops, speaking engagements and media opportunities available in English and Spanish.

Signature Program

Undressing From Within: Society conditions us to think that sex comes from the outside in, that our sexuality is defined solely by our sexual experiences and how others see us. This program turns the gaze inwards and starts you on the path to self-intimacy. You can’t expect pleasure if you don’t demand pleasure, if you don’t think you have the capacity for pleasure. Take control of your sexual identity and rediscover how to truly love yourself. Schedule your free consultation now!

How I Work

No one works the way I do. I don’t focus on your partner or their needs, and I don’t focus solely on what’s happening in your bedroom…or wherever your adventures take you. I focus on you. Everything in your life is interconnected – including sex – and having a healthy sexual life will impact every other aspect of your wellbeing. 95% of intimacy happens outside of the bedroom, so we will examine your life, your needs and your desires in a comprehensive and holistic manner. I then create a butterfly effect. Schedule your free consultation now to get started!


I regularly offer in-person and virtual workshops on a variety of topics, including:

  • Erotic Mirrors
  • Sexual Fantasies
  • Intimacy and Infertility Challenges (for couples)
  • Sex After Kids
  • Sex and Cannabis
  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

All workshops are for women only, unless otherwise noted, and are typically limited in size to maintain a an intimate environment suitable for sharing and learning.

Carola B.

Mexico City

“She is a space of trust and accountability. Her listening is powerful and goes beyond what you actually think you are saying. Working with Kelly has been quite insightful and encouraging!”