My name is Kelly Swartz, although in some places you may find me as Kelly A.K. or Kelly Aro. Like many of you, I’ve worn different costumes (and names) for distinct moments of life.

I am a world traveler and feel I am in a constant journey to learn and better myself, always wanting to share what I am and what I learn with others. I started considering myself a “healthy” person ever since my mom would put me on a treadmill when I was cranky and said ‘it’s better to exercise than diet!’. Despite her admonitions I did end up dieting many times, including that one time I was training for a marathon and kept gaining weight. I was also dealing with a significant loss and, for good measure, a hormonal imbalance. That’s the first time I learned that not eating enough can actually make you gain weight and that not all calories are equal. Such a small concept and so life changing!

I was also a smoker! I would exercise, eat salads, meditate and smoke! So I understand that unhealthy habits exist even within a healthy spectrum.

I have dabbled in many forms of exercise like running, pole dancing, barre classes, martial arts and swing dancing. Next up on my list: rock climbing!

My journey into the Erotic Self and knowing more about sexuality began many moons ago, when I was starting to understand that we were all sexual beings. I learnt a lot from books, and people, from workshops and life itself. I soon realized there is an incongruence in who we are, as sexual entities, and how we live our lives sexually, and a lot of it has to do with ignorance, false expectations and most of it, to silence. I believe that having a healthy sexual life impacts the rest of our day, and night! and yet, most people leave it in the back of their minds, as if ignoring it will make the problem go away.

This is why many people, from university onwards, would approach me for advice, for a listening ear, for no judgment on their tales.

I am Mexican and currently live in Toronto, Canada. I have also lived in New York, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Jerusalem. I am a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in Holistic Health Coaching and I am also finishing my PhD in Comparative Literature at CUNY’s Graduate Center.

I have several languages under my belt, as well as a few skills. I am a writer and a published author of two books ins Spanish: La Espera and Estío en la Canícula, I have been a high school teacher (scariest job ever!), a university professor, a radio host, TV host, a script writer, a translator, an avid reader, a Reiki Master, a loving knitter, and a forever student.

I am also an Erotic Expert as well as a Health Coach, which is probably the reason you are visiting my page. I have researched, written, given workshops, presented papers and given talks on topics relating to sexuality, eroticism, erotic literature, pornography and self seduction.

I ferment humans and then they run my life. I am the slave of a very silly and smart Dragon named Danielle Olivia who is 2.5 years old and the sweetest and yummiest Sea Horse Dragon named Solal Winter Ronald who is one year old. I am the wife and lover of the most amazing man named Andrew, who proposed after knowing me for only 10 days. I was adopted by a one-of-a-kind puppy named Lola (with a lot of gremlin in her) 9 years ago.

I am very excited to accompany you on the journey to become the most fulfilled, joyful, healthy, successful version of you!

Karelin R.

Mexico City

I sought out Kelly for one specific reason and a few hours later it became something else entirely. Kelly was very versatile by understanding and guiding me during this time which was very unexpected, painful and quick. She was my compass for the decisions I wasn’t certain of and she has so many resources on hand that after each session she was able to provide me with websites, specialists, books and tips. I can say that after each session I was able to move and act, obtaining great results. Thank you so much Kelly, I will always recommend you. Big Hugs.”