Armageddon, Apocalypse, and Me

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The world is crumbling down, or rather, the world as we know it. A friend yesterday told me, over the phone, how this reminds her of 9/11 and it makes perfect sense. It does; there will always be a before and an after COVID-19, the world with change after this. We don’t know how, but it will. Hopefully for the better.

In the meantime here we are, stuck at home with work we cannot do, with kids we cannot entertain any longer, with bodies we desire to move but have no gyms to go to, with worries we cannot even fathom, with thoughts we do not want to put into words, with sadness over everything that has been cancelled and lost, with longing for friends who are just a few blocks away, with longing for family who is in another country and whom we might not see in a long time.
Here we are.
What will we do?

I suggest connecting. As you know, if you have followed me, read me or talked with me at some point or another, I am a huge proponent of Self-Intimacy.
Self Intimacy is not only going to bed with yourself. Not at all. There are different levels of intimacy, and that is just one of them.
What I mean is a deep sense of connection with oneself.
How am I to stay connected, or to even fathom the connection with a full house?
Here is where I come in, you must.
It needs to be on your to-do list every. single. day.
In order to stay sane, to breathe, to be able to cope with what is going on, you need to be with you, just a bit, without anyone or anything else.

So here is my challenge and my tip for you:
Every single day step outside, if your country or city isn’t in full lock-down. Step outside and breathe. Without looking at your phone, without listening to anything (unless it’s music that makes you smile or sigh). Be outside for 10-15 or maybe half an hour. Yes, trade off with your partner (if that is your case) so you can do it.
If your city or country is in full lockdown, do this in one bedroom or even a bathroom. Just be with you. The other adult in the house takes care of the kids’ needs, and their own. If there are no kids involved, still, take a breather from being at home, with your partner all day, every day.

Step aside. Take some time.

Now, here is tip number two:
Connect with your partner.
For the next little while you will be stuck at home together and the imminent list of entertainment and things to do and things to worry about will be humongous. So take some time. Not only for Netflix.
Have a date, plan it out, light some candles, take a long shower together.
Try to do it daily at least for 15-20 minutes.
Try to do something longer once or twice a week.
Perhaps you will bake together something really complicated. Or you will play an unending board game.
Connect with laughter and not worry. Connect with shared experiences and not shared chores.

and let me know how it goes!

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