Chocolate Granola

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As a pregnant lady and mother of a 14 month old I get these crazy cravings and also very little time to fulfill them! Also when you have a small child who has no patience because food should be served the moment her night diaper is changed, this healthy, filling, yummy granola comes in.

I took the original recipe from #mynewroots since she is so awesome. But as my tendency goes, I take a recipe and only use it as an inspiration to do so much more with it. I never really measure what I am doing but this time, surprisingly, I did!

Also, every time I bake this kind of breakfast/ snack I make a very large quantity so it lasts at least a few weeks.

Here it goes!

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I like mine with milk or kefir, or yoghurt!

My 14 month old loves this granola too, it is so filling, has very good fats and carbs and it does for a great grab and go breakfast.