Life with a Nanny

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(Nanny Life)

Today is the fifth day I have a nanny to look after my tiny (not so tiny anymore) baby Dragon. It’s still weird, very weird, but also wonderful. I am working from home and I can hear my baby from the other room. I know what she wants, I know what she needs and it takes a lot of self control making my butt stay in place and let the nanny deal with her. After all, I hired her because I trust her, she has experience, she should know…

And she does. She doesn’t know my baby like I do, but who does? She is slowly getting to know the miniature human, she gets to know her cues, her yells, her blubbering.

And me?

Well, I did know time was relative, especially when one dedicates most of it to a tiny tyrant. But then once you have a few hours… oh joy!

Indeed. If you feel like you need a productivity boost all I can say is: Have a baby! Really. Have a baby, lack of sleep, lack of time, lack of everything… then get someone to help you out, just a few hours for a few days, and you will see how your productivity skyrockets through the rainbows and the planets.

How productive can you become, you ask? Here is, more or less, an account of my three hours per day of someone else watching over my Dragon.

Day 1 – Wrote five pages of the dissertation, 5! Really. Went to the bathroom, uninterrupted, like for as long as I wanted and needed. Put Away all of my maternity clothes because I am so so done with them. Wrote a few important emails. Spent some time on Facebook. Had a hot meal. Like really hot. Took a long walk with my dog because baby was having a meltdown and I didn’t have to be the one dealing with it. Transferred my Kefir water to bottles. Went over documents from the past 8 years.

Day 2 – Nanny arrived and I had uninterrupted breakfast with Husband, which was weird and so nice. Wrote two pages of dissertation, Went to the bathroom for as long as I pleased (such pleasure!). Did pelvic floor exercises because you know, the pelvic floor dies a very slow death after baby. I took the longest shower I can remember. I got dressed, even did make up! Sent e-mails. Took care of my Bone Broth because I’m into that now.

Day 3 – Unpacked groceries. Wrote two pages of dissertation. Rearranged my whole closet since a lot of my regular pre pregnancy clothes fit now. Read about vibrators (for said dissertation). Wrote more. Bought Philharmonic tickets.

Day 4 – Wrote three pages of dissertation, read some things about torture (for said dissertation); made a surprise for my husband (2 years of meeting coming up!). Pelvic floor workout. Waxed.

Day 5 – (Second week of nanny life). Had breakfast. Wrote emails and did more research on Birth Control (no Irish twins here please, thank you). Sucky options for non hormonal birth control. Sigh. (read my post on this). Called acupuncturist for hand injury, called physical therapist for hand injury. Wrote this!!! (and I still have an hour and a half left!!!)

So yes, having a baby and no time and then having a few hours makes for a very productive human being.

And please, no guilt over having someone else look after your tiny human for a little while. You deserve some time to go to the bathroom, work on your own adult things, procrastinate on the web, take a nap or whatever. A few hours away from your baby doesn’t make you a worse mom. Happy mother happy baby. So do you what works for you to be happier!

And we all deserve some time.







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