Breaking my rules

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I teach Baby Led Weaning, or how I like to call it, Baby Led Feeding.

I have clients I work one-on-one, holding their hands through the amazing process that is the adventure of introducing solids to tiny humans. I also give workshops in which I teach a group of parents the hows, the rules, the minutiae it takes.

I am very adamant about my rules. They have to do with safety and method. One of them says to wait until babe can sit up, which usually happens at six months old.

My baby sea dragon will be 5 months in a few days. Today I broke my rules. Today I gave him a piece of celery to gnaw on. Why, you ask? I followed a rule I don’t often talk about, or at least, not enough: Listen to your baby.

My baby has been progressively getting more and more upset during meal times. The big dragon (that’s my toddler), my husband and I sit at the table and eat. He feels left out. If I or my husband hold him while eating, he will reach out for food, constantly. He is ready.

His body is not. That is why tonight we wanted to include him in a safe way. I have not seen him this happy since, well, since my boob! He gnawed on this cold stick, had a different taste in his mouth, played, and sucked on it. I broke my rules because my baby was ready for this.

When feeding your baby, the most important rule of all is to observe and listen to your child. They will always tell you what they need, if you pay close attention.