oh my legs, my tired tired legs

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One of the many joys of making a life within is the weight. And the extra 40% more blood in your system with just your same heart to pump it all along.

What happens then? well, bodies are smart and they deal. For the most part. This is part of what #nobodytellsyou when entering the joys of making life. You will get more tired climbing up the stairs and it is not just the baby and the liquid inside you, it’s your heart working extra hard to make sure oxygen reaches everywhere.

Another thing #nobodytellsyou is that your legs will hurt. If you didn’t have varicose veins, you will get them. If you had them (like me, genetically, thanks a lot dad!), then they will get worse.

Is there anything to do? well, usually what forums and doctors advice is to keep your legs up (as if that is possible all the time, like in the subway? or while cooking?), and to use compression tights (or support hose, as some may call them).

Now a word about compression tights: they suck! they are uncomfortable and horrid and must have been an invention by the same guy who thought “a piece of cotton inserted in the vagina sounds like a great idea!” and thus came the tampon.

Anyhow, they are indeed horrible. Compression tights can come up to your waist and take about 10 minutes to put on (now if you count your belly and the lack of mobility this time will exponentially increase!). There are mid leg ones which also take a while to put on and most of the time cut the circulation at the part of the leg where they end.

While doing research I found Preggers. For pregnant ladies like me they work well since the part at the stomach isn’t as tight as usual compression items are. They also have different models and colours, including footless ones (but only for the ones up to your waist, not for the knee highs). disclosure: The ‘leggings’ are not thick enough so you can only wear a top and be done. So there´s a good option.

Now, if you are like me and in the last trimester during the hot hot hot summer days where putting on closed shoes sounds like a nightmare in the make, I have found an alternative!

yes! what is tight and slim and footless and comes in many colours…?

give up?

Running sleeves!!!!images-7



Runners need help with their circulation too and since design for runners is so much better than design for pregnant ladies, and it is much more available, well, here it is.

SO much more comfortable. Easier to put on because there are no feet and yes, yes yes, sandals!!!!

so now ladies you can have your varicose veins protected, be quite fashionable (like me!) (or start your own fashion movement) and wear sandals in the hot summer days.

(You can purchase through amazon, or at any running store really).


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