What is an Erotic Expert

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Think of the first time you rode a bicycle. Did you just hop on and go off into the distance? Or did you use training wheels for a while until you knew how to balance?

Perhaps you had someone teach you and hold on to the seat, running after you while you pedaled in uncertain excitement?

I find sexuality and eroticism similar to riding a bicycle: Exhilarating, fascinating, and also quite sad.

What is it that we are taught at school in sex ed? How to make babies perhaps? Or how to avoid pregnancy? Or maybe also add into the pot how to avoid venereal diseases? Hopefully there was some talk about consent?

Do we learn anything about how our bodies work? What it is to feel pleasure? How to investigate if we like certain things? What kinds of orgasm there are? What the most potent sexual organ is?

Do you remember the first time you kissed? The wetness, the textures, the unknown? Do you remember feeling like you “had to know” what you were doing? What about the first time you had sex? Were you too ashamed to not know what you were doing to ask? Did you feel good afterwards? Did you feel terrible?

Sexuality is a very interesting creature. It is all around us, exploding on our screens constantly, yet we are so ignorant as to what our own sexuality means.

Here is where I come in:

I help and guide my clients into rediscovering, or sometimes even reconfiguring from the get go what their sexuality is, what their erotic beings mean and want, what they desire and fantasize.

I believe that in order to be joyous and healthy one must have a wholesome sense of intimacy. You need to be intimate with yourself in a fun, light, interesting way in order to be able to be so with another.

Some clients come to be because they have never masturbated and don’t even know where to start. Others have lost their passion. Other clients are so in their minds they forgot how to feel pleasure, or maybe they’ve never felt any. Some are dealing with shame about their bodies, their experiences, their desires and wants.

Once they’ve figured themselves out, I guide them into communicating these new discoveries with their partner (s), or how to chose a new (or a few) one (s).

As of now I only work one-on-one because I believe you can’t expect to be comfortable and sexually healthy with a partner or partners unless you are comfortable and sexually healthy with yourself first.

How can you seduce others if you don’t know how to seduce yourself?

I work with my clients for six months, meeting every other week in person or online (yay to technology!). In between those meetings I send them an e-mail with what it is we talked about in our session as well as some recommendations to try out for the next weeks. You wouldn’t believe the incredible transformation that happens in just half a year!

Needless to say, I have heard everything but also want to hear more. There is no sex life or past that is too boring or too wild for me. I am incredibly curious and I never judge.

Curious yet? Why don’t you schedule a FREE consultation so you can find out a bit more!