Diaper bag debacle

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( a short review)

Almost seven months ago I was about to become a mom. I had so many decisions to make and one, all important, most essential one was: the diaper bag.

A diaper bag isn’t just a bag you now use with all baby stuff and some of yours. A diaper bag ends up being your shield against the world, your all protective, all enforcing “I am outside with my baby and I am ok”.

A diaper bag isn’t just a diaper bag, it is the comfort item that allows you to leave your house with the tiny human you made and you feel safe and secure because anything your baby or you will need, you have.

As a new mom my diaper bag had to have:

  1. a changing pad
  2. a muslin to cover myself if breastfeeding in public
  3. diapers
  4. tushi cream
  5. a change of clothes for babe in case of poop, pee, spit-up or all three.
  6. A burp cloth (see above)
  7. Water for me (god, this breastfeeding thing does make one thirsty!)
  8. Snacks for me (oh boy, this breast-feeding thing makes one ravenous!)
  9. A book? In case, you know, baby slept, I was out and about and actually wasn’t too exhausted to understand a sentence. (or kindle, you know, ‘cause I love my tech).
  10. Wallet
  11. Poop bags (for dog, for baby, for all).
  12. Headphones
  13. Blanket, or sweater, or hat or all, depending on weather.
  14. Sweater or scarf or all or none for me
  15. A wrap (to babywear, you know, ‘cause it’s comfortable and cool and that way you don’t have to use your arms to hold the miniature dragon at all times)
  16. Purel
  17. Wipes
  18. Lipstick?


I should have known. Someone should have told me. A diaper bag is not something you just buy randomly and are happy with. A diaper bag isn’t just a bag, it the symbol of independence of the mother. It is.

Anyway, enough of the rant. Let’s get to the actual practicality of things.

My tiny human is 6 and a half months old. I have gone through 5 bags, one of them wasn’t really a diaper bag but I was traveling and hated the one I had and desperate and yeah.

So here it is.

My first diaper bag:

I bought this Skip Hop one because of a recommendation. It was awful. It always felt very bulky and yet nothing fit! It was constantly overflowing and since I had no other handbag it was just plain uncomfortable.

My second diaper bag:

I used this one. Which is a plain empty one and used lots of ziplock bags to make up for different compartments. I even made a video about it.

My Third diaper bag:

It happened randomly. I was shopping with my mom for clothes for my baby and saw this one (well, similar with flowers, but same brand). How cute, right? Well it worked. Loved it, except for the fact that it really looks like a diaper bag, and I don’t love that. I couldn’t picture my husband carrying it.

My fourth diaper bag:

Before I had bought the third one, I had done my research and found the Lulu Large Tote from Maranda Lee on Etsy. It was big, it was pretty, and best of all, since I was buying it directly from the maker/ seller, I could customize it as I pleased. So I did. I wanted stripes on the outside, teal polka dots on the inside. I wanted a small bag with a zipper on the inside for wallet, etc. I love this bag. But…

And here is how we got to the holy grail of diaper bags…

My fifth diaper bag:

I wear my baby a lot. In a wrap. I love it, she loves it, it’s comfortable and most of all, it is the best way to take her in public transportation since where I live is very sucky at making the subway accessible with a stroller. So I wear the tiny human on my chest and walk.

Now, if you wear a human on you, tied with knots and pretty fabric, you also need to carry your carry-all. The last diaper bag I had was a shoulder one. And then you end up lopsided and the back hurts and the bag constantly slides and it just makes everything uncomfortable and awkward.

Solution: a backpack diaper bag!!!

I thought I was a genius and also, mostly, I had been an idiot for not realizing this simple fact ages before.

And so the research began for the perfect diaper bag.

I looked at the Skip Hop one, but frankly, after the experience with their other diaper bag, I just thought their space-using-logic is not my own. So there.

There was the Ju-Ju-Be. Pretty, yes. A bit small for my taste. A bit too diaper-baggy.

There are those that are not a backpack but could be a backpack but are not… like the JJ Cole. Didn’t seem comfortable. Same thing happens with the Petunia one. But hey, if you are into that style, go for it.

Lots of people use the Kanken as a diaper bag, and it sounds great as long as you don’t need a lot of compartments.

I found OneDuo on Etsy, but when I was about to buy, the shop was on hiatus while the new line came out. I would definitely check them out.

My final contender was the TWELVElittle one, which seemed stylish, not to big and not too small, but expensive. I ended up with a Dadgear Backpack.

Is it huge? Aha. Too big? No. Does everything fit? Absolutely. Is it comfortable? Yes. Can I fit my wrap and even a sweater for me? Yup. Would I recommend it, totally.


So there you have it.



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