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(veggie bread + coconut, orange muesli)

My Dragon is eight months old and as much as I enjoy giving her food to taste and eat, she enjoys eating it and spreading it all over herself, her chair, the table and the floor.

I thought I was a genius with Baby Led Weaning (of course, a genius when things work, an idiot when they don’t). I fed my baby whatever I had for breakfast and dinner and lots of breast milk in between. I thought that was all. Yeah, right. My baby grew! so now she still needs the breast milk but also more food!

She has two teeth and has decided that is enough, so as much of an amazing chewer, she still needs semi soft things to be able to ingest. She loves tomatoes and citrus and eggs and broccoli. But she needs more!

so, here I come with research and this is what I found:

The blog Babyledfeeding.com was written by a Aileen, a mom in England . She has great ideas and I was like, wow! so I gave it a try.

Veggie bread: Loved the idea, and also preparing beforehand, having things on hand and in the freezer, etc. Of course I didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand so this is what I did. Tweak: I doubled the recipe, because I looooove doubling recipes. I didn’t have cauliflower, so I almost doubled the amount of broccoli. I had small carrots of different colours, so I just added a bunch. I had some mushrooms and added them in too. I love garlic and so does my baby, so why not? also put into the food processor lots of parsley and a red bell pepper. My husband cinched a bit about how far off the recipe I had gone. I added almost double the spelt flour, but didn’t quite make it with what I had. Oh, and I set the oven for 180 F!!! I forgot to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. ugh. Result: Deliciousness. My baby loved, loved, loved it. so yay me. and yay easier snacks.


Orange Coconut Muesli – I have recently discovered Emma Galloway’s My Darling Lemon Thyme blog. She is a genius and such simple stuff!. This recipe is in her book, not in her blog, which is why I linked it to Sara’s blog. Tweak: She says to use either quinoa flakes or oats. I bought a box of quinoa flakes and they weren’t enough, so I added oats. I’m glad I did. The texture of both grains together makes it superb. I didn’t have raisins (not a big fan), so I used golden berries (they are more sour and have a better taste). I did use dates but next time I would skip it. All the dried fruit I used has no sugar added.

I didn’t double the recipe and I’m glad I didn’t! It was a lot! Although it is slowly running out… it is that delicious. The orange + coconut flavor is just too much to resist!

Big Bonus: I add a bit of hot water, milk, or almond milk and it turns a bit pureeish, and it is perfect for my 8 month old! #babyledweaningwin #babyledfeedingwin!!!


I made the same rye bread as I did last week since last week’s came out poorly and I am visiting friends this coming weekend and what is better to bring that a home made rye bread??!!?? Oh and I doubled the recipe because, you know, that is how I roll. Oh my god, putting double, heavy dough into the mix master was an ordeal and a bit of a mess! But it all worked out.

Now, this is not all I cook all week, since I cook every day, these are the special recipes! Check out my Instagram for more of my daily home cooking items.


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